Growth Through Discipleship

As a congregation, FTCCC is starting a 3 week sermon series entitled “Growth Through Discipleship.” The idea of “discipling” may conjure different ideas for different people, but what really matters is what Jesus taught and expected in this area. The schedule will be as follows:

October 19th: Part 1 – The Emphasis and Heart of Discipling
October 26th: Part 2 – Discipling in the Ministry of Jesus
November 2nd: Part 3 – Discipling in the First Century Church

Jesus’ desire is that we all mature in Christ, and one of the ways he designed this to happen is through us having Godly relationships with each other. Join us for this great time of Biblical inspiration and instruction at College America (4601 S. Mason, Fort Collins) at 10am on Sunday!

The Story

The Return Home

Enjoy the this weeks lesson online.

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"Rejoice in the Lord and be glad" -- Psalm 32